Monday, May 17, 2010

Learning Patience

Saturday evening Steve bought me an Adirondack chair and put it near the hives. Yesterday, throughout the day I spent time sitting in the chair, enjoying the heavenly fragrances of honeysuckle, sweet earth, and sweet hay. I was blessed with a visit by a pair of bluebirds who perched on an abandoned bluebird house that was on a pole right next to where the chair is. I spent a lot of time studying the bees. They ignored me totally. That was so cool! I was so happy that my presence didn't bother them. I was able to get within foot of the hives. I hung to the side a little so I wouldn't be in their flight path. They never seemed to notice me. I wonder if they recognize their keepers? According to THIS article, they do!

I am learning more patience than ever. I desperately want to peek in the hives to see what is happening. I know I can't. To do so may make them want to fly off. I will just have to keep trying to be patient.

Today it is raining. I could not spend any time with the bees. I did stop over to check on the sugar water level. They need sugar water to help make the honey comb, and so they do not need to spend a lot of time outside the hive searching for nectar. I was surprised to see some bees bringing in pollen, even though it was raining lightly. I thought they stayed in when it rains? I learn something every day!

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