Thursday, May 27, 2010

Week 2-Looking Good And A Little Worrisome

It is miserably HOT and HUMID out, but the bees have been swallowing sugar water and I was very concerned about them running out of space. Both hives are running neck to neck in comb building, with both just about equal in the amount of comb they have drawn out. Both hives have 7 out of 10 frames with over 2/3 of the frame covered in comb. The brood patterns to me are beautiful.

Nurse bee feeding larvae

Close-up of larvae

More nice patterns in 2nd box

Worrisome queen cells. Are they replacing their queen? UGH!

Because there were 7 of 10 frames mostly drawn out and those worrisome queen cells, I added another brood box to each hive. I wish I had moved the 3 undrawn frames from each to the center of each bottom box though. I think I will do that next week if they are still undrawn.

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